Online Study Guide for Student Drivers

Study the Guide and then practice the tests. A list of the tests and practice Quizzes are in the tab below.

NEW! Documents needed for the Enhanced Driver License

NEW! State by state changes in Cell phone and Texting laws. HERE!

NEW! State by state rules for Graduated Driver License Restrictions. HERE!

You Must Know Driver License Rules and Regulations

Rules of the Road That You Must Know

Testing and Test Questions You May Be Asked

Coming to the U.S.? Driving Law for Visitors

Here is the complete list of quizzes and tests for the written DMV tests


Practice Question by Question – HERE


Five Driver Permit Tests with 10 questions each.

A 46 Question Learners Permit Quiz

Five More 10 Question Learners Permit tests.

Two 25 Question test with a 4-minute time limit just to add extra pressure.

New Questions are formatted for Mobile and PDA browsers.

Sign test All 19 questions are about signs. 3 to 5 of these will be on your test.

CDL Tests CDL Practice Test Quizzes

CDL Practice Test Questions

Studying to the test will be quite difficult. Use your Manual to learn while you practice the quizzes.