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Parents of New Drivers

Do you remember your first kiss? Chances are you do. "That which you learn first you retain the longest."If you are planning to teach your teen to drive, you may impart bad habits that you have picked up along the way. You may want to consider reviewing the rules of the road with your teen to avoid any conflicting information.








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DMV Practice Tests and Online Driving Study Guide

DMV Learners Permit Test

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DMV Learners Permit Test

If you are feeling anxious about taking your written Driver License test at your DMV, you have come to the right place.

Here you can practice the tests, study the handbook, and not only gain confidence but learn the rules of the road and safe driving techniques.

The Online Study Guide for Student Drivers has been on the net since 1998 serving teens and adult drivers. For fun, test your parents and you may be shocked at what they have forgotten.

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Study - Read Your Book- Click - Learn - Practice the Drivers Test Questions. This is a free site.




Here is a listing of the tests that you can practice with and build your confidence.

Here is the complete list of study material, quizzes and tests for the written DMV tests